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The project concerns the design and production of a fully integrated palletizing system for a company leader in the home care market. In particular, the project relates to a single unit dose palletizing system.

Palletizing and depalettzing system for a multinational company, leader in the Pet Food market. Fully integrated system composed of a robotic palletizing system, a stretch wrapping and labelling machines.

Depalletising system for composite cans incorporating a high-speed palletising system for trays /trays with bundles for a company active in the Food sector.

Front line system and end of line system for leading multinational company in the food sector. High degree of customization of details and maximum performance.

Complete end-of-line system for a company leader in the Home Care sector. Solution complete of conveyors, wrapping machine and pallet labelling machine.

Fully automatic palletizing system for a new line of products. Company leader in the Home Care & Chemical sector. High performances and extreme efficiency.

An integrated high-speed palletizing system for empty cans, designed for a leading beverage company. Maximum efficiency and performance.

Technology allows you to unleash creativity. This is how the Alphabetical Facilitated Communication Technique of Language works.

We contribute to the reduction of plastic bottles in the workplace by adopting sustainable practices. A different and sustainable way of drinking.

Case study regarding a palletizing and depalletizing solution for Wine & Spirits sector. A fully Integrated solution approach, which allows to offer customers a complete interface optimised both from production and logistics standpoints.