On the first of February, the Clevertech Group inaugurated its new branch office, Clevertech East Europe, based in Lublin, Poland.

The branch office currently has six staff members all working in the after sales sector, and offers installation, commissioning, revamping and 24/7 technical support services.

The goal of the branch office is to become a point of reference for the whole of Eastern Europe for the installation and support of Clevertech systems. Over the next two years, the branch office expects to manage the installation of systems with a total value of 20 million Euros.


In 2022, Clevertech East Europe will be focused on the Polish market, while 2023 will see it expand into the broader Eastern Europe territory. Thanks to remote service, it will also be possible to offer service outside of this area.

Clevertech East Europe will be working with some of the area’s largest consumer goods manufacturers, as well as companies in the e-commerce sector, providing all the specific experience offered by the parent company.

sublimo Polonia Clevertech east europe

The flexibility of its systems, the advanced level of service, and its customer-centric philosophy are three of the main aspects which make Clevertech’s systems particularly interesting for the Eastern European market.

The General Manager of Clevertech East Europe is @Ali Stan. Alin is joining the branch office on the back of thirteen years working globally for P&G and seven years at Nicols, experiences which have allowed him to gain excellent knowledge of the systems and procedures of multinational organisations, and to apply the pragmatism of a private label, making him the perfect partner for all types of customers.