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A case packer is a machine designed to feed products like bottles, jars, boxes and others into American-type cartons and it can also pack items in trays or RSC cardboard boxes.

When we say end-of-line automation we are referring to the automated technology that operates in the final part of a consumer goods production line. This is the technology that basically organises, packs and prepares the products for delivery to resellers,

An automatic pallet wrapper envelops pallets in a film efficiently and securely, protecting palletised items from dust and impacts. No manual wrapping can ensure the level of performance and final quality that automatic wrappers provide.

Clevertech has designed a palletizing system based on Multibrand technology for a leading US food retail company.

Centralised palletisation system for the food market created to manage reusable transit packaging

Packpact, the network of seven italian companies that stand out for their expertise in processing and packaging will attend Galfood Manufacturing. The companies represent the best of the italian processing and packaging industry.

A turning point in the near future of End-line Enginering Systems. A new approach that reduce TCO costs and utilities costs. The full range of machines will be presented in March 2019.

Technology is an essential tool for human development. Alphabetic facilitated communication, Alternative Language Technique is an example.

Aluminum packaging has an extremely positive image as far as aluminum is a permanent material that can be recycled repeatedly without compromising its performance.