pallet labelling

The advantages of efficient pallet labelling

Pallet labelling – why is it so important?

From primary to tertiary packaging, today all packaging must be marked or labelled in order to ensure product security and traceability along the entire supply chain. But let’s take a look at what pallet labels contain and why they are so important.

Pallet labels are generally applied on more than one side of a pallet to simplify their reading, facilitate inventory control and improve logistics efficiency, for overall savings in terms of time and money. Pallet labelling allows labels with barcodes to be applied to two or more sides of the pallet simultaneously, containing the details of the pallet and the products, batch codes, serial numbers and numerous other pieces of information. The SSCC code is a unique identifier of the logistics unit, permitting traceability along the entire route of each individual pallet of its movements and the relative associated data flows. A genuinely effective pallet labelling system is therefore essential for fast and error-free goods transit within warehouses and distribution centres, particularly in sectors such as food and pharma where the integrity and security of the production is fundamental, through pallet labelling. 

Pallet labelling system: manual or automatic?

Some companies still perform pallet labelling operations manually, despite all the issues related to human management of this type of operation and the high risk of inefficiency.

You only need think of the time required for manual application of the pallet labels. A specifically assigned person needs to:

  1. Stop the forklift
  2. Offload the pallet
  3. Get out from the forklift and go over to the computer
  4. Print off the label
  5. Return to the pallet
  6. Apply and scan the label
  7. Fork and lift the pallet again
  8. Drive the pallet to the correct location for storage or transport 

This pallet labelling system not only involves significant outlay of time and resources, but also runs the risk of errors and inaccuracies occurring, as it is very difficult to guarantee clear and uniform labelling. Incorrect application of the label can lead to a pallet which does not comply with the guidelines, with consequent errors in the reading of the codes and the risk of rejection of the entire load, damaging the entire supply chain. 

Increasing production efficiency with a pallet labeller

The main goal of a fully integrated end of line is to guarantee perfect product traceability. The choice of an automatic pallet labeller allows potentially very costly errors to be avoided, guaranteeing printing and application on the tertiary packaging in a manner which is always correct with the passage of each individual pallet. Using a pallet labeller keeps costs down and prevents human errors, as well as achieving greater safety for the operators who are no longer forced to get out of the vehicle to apply and scan the labels. 

The pallet labelling process is significantly accelerated: after wrapping, the pallet labeller applies the required labels on the same point each time, and automatically acquires the information on the batch number and warehouse position. A pallet labelling system must be flexible and able to interface with the customer’s ERP in order to meet any requirement in a precise manner. To this end, Clevertech has created the totally integrated Flow package, composed of palletiser, wrapper and pallet labelling system featuring:

  • Ability to print and apply labels to two or four faces
  • Vacuum plate for label storage
  • Barcode reader for checking the positioning and legibility of the labels
  • Safety module to ensure delicate product handling and complete operator safety