Complete end-of-line solution for beauty market

Complete end-of-line solution in the Personal & Beauty Care sector

The issue:

creating an highly flexible and complete end-of-line solution allowing management of cartons and bundles with trays of compact sizes, which are therefore highly unstable, and formats which are difficult to manage, such as 1×6 pcs.

The request required two production lines to operate simultaneously, which would fit into an extremely limited space. The system also required great flexibility to allow each line to manage both UK (1000 x 1200) and EU (800×1200) pallets. Each line was equipped with layer pad stores for both UK and EU pallets.

Complete end-of-line solution for a leading company in the Personal & Beauty care sector

The system developed by Clevertech:

a multibrand AC 422 M1HS1 Multi palletiser with robotic preforming area and additional robotic system to manage empty pallets and layer pads. Clevertech’s choice to use multibrand technology allowed two lines to be operated simultaneously with the use of a single machine, and required minimal space. The use of a robotic system for the preforming area was due to the need to handle the product gently with positive control of the rotation of the product.

The Clevertech palletising head is equipped with four lateral squaring devices and a platform which opens in two to deposit the layer on the pallet perfectly square, ensuring pallet stability.

In order to manage the supply of empty pallets and layer pads, an innovative system was designed, consisting of an additional specific robotic device connected to the Clevertech multibrand palletiser.

The final system was completed by a system of pallet conveyors, wrapping system and pallet stacker, in accordance with Clevertech’s completely integrated approach.

Performance data: maximum speed 60 cpm. 30 pallets/hour. Efficiency: over 99%.