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Leading automation in the personal and home care sector in China

Clevertech’s story unfolds through a series of long-lasting partnerships with industry-leading multinational companies (MNCs). Leading the way is the collaboration with the world’s no.1 MNC in the personal and home care industry, with revenues of over 70 million dollars. Clevertech has automated production facilities for this MNC on a global level but the China project is definitely one of the most eloquent examples. 

Italy’s leading automation gave rise to a project that involved Clevertech’s China office and all the personal and home care manufacturing facilities operated by the MNC in that country.

Leading automation for trustworthiness and quality

The cooperation is based on trust and mutual respect, a pact that generates mutual benefits. This underlines the quality of the automation solutions offered by Clevertech China while creating added value and optimising the management of the product at the production plants.

Four end-of-line systems were created for the MNC’s China plants. Each system is composed of palletisation robots and can handle over 1,000 different SKUs at a speed of 30 cartons per minute per production line. Each plant has between 15 and 20 production lines; that’s a total of 60-80 production lines. 

Flexible palletisation for the personal and home care sector

The product is managed via robots equipped with a forked head that makes it possible to handle cartons of different sizes and weight. The systems always ensure the required palletisation patterns and can also work around any imperfectly closed cartons.

The customer was particularly satisfied with the extreme flexibility offered by Clevertech’s systems. The systems can handle cartons and internally-used plastic crates in a single palletisation area. 

Lastly, the robot is equipped with an empty pallet store directly managed by the AGVs used to move the components inside the facility. This allows for even more reliable operation because it does not rely on the operator’s manual handling, which can lead to errors and inaccuracies.

The Clevertech end-of-line automation system creates a reliable and safe environment in manufacturing plants, reducing damages caused by human error while ensuring continuous 24/7 operation.