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Multibrand palletiser: Home care market applications

The project completed by Clevertech involves a system that takes advantage of the multibrand palletiser technology. The customer is a leading company in the home care market with registered office and a branch and new production plant in the west coast of the United States.

The proposed solution is able to palletise different-size boxes, from 100×150 mm up to 300×450 mm, reaching the speed of 60 boxes per minute.

The customer’s request for a compact and flexible solution that could handle the future needs of the plant was satisfied with a scalable modular system. In fact, with the addition of a second handling robot, the system can reach a speed of 90 boxes per minute.

Multibrand Palletiser: up to four SKUs handled simultaneously

The project involves a Multibrand Palletiser that can handle up to four SKUs simultaneously. The products, which arrive from four different production lines, are mixed and conveyed across the production facility until they reach the palletisation area.

A separation system that uses Intralox Darb technology was installed here, making it possible to divide the four SKUs across four independent accumulation lines. In addition, a Rejection Unit was added in this area for products that don’t scan correctly.

pallettizzatore multibrand

The products are then conveyed from the separation system to the Multibrand Palletiser, which lays the products, layer by layer, over four pallets simultaneously.

The system uses Hybrid technology with positive pattern forming. Because of its anthropomorphic robot, the system is perfect for handling particularly unstable products, such as trays and bundles, even without film, in their “ready to display” version.

Simple maintenance and easily accessible

In terms of maintenance, the solution eliminated all moving parts; this means that the layer formation area is more easily accessible to operators. It uses modular belts to simplify maintenance of the system.

The system has two pallet stores that can handle two different pallet sizes at the same time, as well as a slip sheet store, a tie sheet store, and a top sheet store.

tappeti modulari

Automation, integration and traceability

Once palletised, the product is sent to the PF80 wrapping platform, a rotary ring stretch wrapper featuring automatic reel change system. PF80 is equipped with an automatic vertical frame application system. The frames brace pallet corners to protect fragile products.

The system meets the criteria for perfect integration from a mechanical, electrical and software point of view and makes it possible to perfectly trace the product from any point of the line.

Thanks to the flexibility of the system, the palletisation and stretch wrapping processes can be customised to the different products being handled.