This environmental education goes hand in hand with structural choices which aim to make Clevertech a green company:

A Dark Factory is a factory which uses no human labour. This type of production site is usually

The project completed by Clevertech involves a system that takes advantage of the multibrand palletiser technology that can


The journal presents Clevertech news worldwide: product news and the latest projects designed and developed by Clevertech Group. Additionally, the journal illustrates branch news and markets too to be informed about China, France, USA and South East Asia areas. You will find recent updates regarding in house training and after sales services useful to keep the performance of the Clevertech ongoing. Furthermore, different articles on Industry 4.0 together with new digital technologies, implemented in our machines and in new generation equipment, will be explained and reported. Clevertech news worldwide talk about the corporate life, introducing the people and their daily work and they ensure the highest quality standards of our systems. Our technical, mechanical and engineering team work in great effort to develop new technologies.

In this section we provide you with news regarding Industrial automation market from reliable sources. As members of PMMI membership, Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute, we have access to research and market data. Information on Industrial Automation market makes possible to have a clear view of the automation area market. Our goal is to share the knowledge. Also, Clevertech group is part of Secimep, Syndicat des Entreprises de Commerce International de Matériels d'Emballage, de Process, de Marquage et de Contrôle. This collaboration helps to share the information from food and logistics markets. Finally, we gather the interviews from our partners to talk about recent projects achieved. This means, successful case histories told by people who were direct protagonists.

In this section you will be able to find articles about Innovation of automation worldwide. Clevertech Group forms part of a Packpact Group, your partner in advanced Processing and Packaging, a network of industry-leading companies in processing and packaging. Each company represents the Italian excellence from a high-tech point of view for its specific area. For this reason, in this section you will be able to find innovation of automation worldwide: information on the recent innovations or automation markets regarding the companies who form part of this Network and who operates in processing and packaging markets. Finally, as partner of multinational companies, we are continually encouraged to search and evolve our technologies in order to guarantee higher performance of our systems. This is why we work with leader partners in technology.

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This environmental education goes hand in hand with structural choices which aim

The Group's new headquarters is conceived around Sustainability and renewable energy. Environmental

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