sustainability of the city

Sustainability and renewable energy in Clevertech’s future

2021 is an important year in Clevertech’s path towards sustainable growth. Construction work on the new production site in Cadelbosco di Sotto, Italy, is pushing forward with drive and enthusiasm.

The Group’s new headquarters will be located next to the current head office, providing a total floor area of 13,800 sq.m., of which 12,000 sq.m. will be allocated to systems installation and 1,800 sq.m. to offices.

Environmental sustainability and respect for the landscape

The project to expand the production facilities became necessary due to the company’s exponential growth. The company had to boost its production potential by providing new, larger areas, and create new spaces for the numerous professionals who work with the Clevertech team every week.

stabilimento sostenibile prefabbricato

The feasibility study for the new facility was developed in partnership with the municipal administration since the project had a dual purpose. The redevelopment of the production site was actually part of a project of overall improvement of the road network in the area to allow the transit of large loads and heavy vehicles. There was also a need to optimise the existing utility networks (water, gas, sewage) in order to comply with regional energy saving regulations.

The building consists of a prefabricated structure in reinforced concrete that ensures the correct levels of heat transfer in compliance with applicable regulations. The structure also complies with existing anti-seismic requirements.

Solar power and energy saving

fotovoltaico sostenibile energia

A 200kW solar power plant will be installed at the new facility, making it totally energy self-sufficient.

The outdoor design features energy-saving lamps and a dedicated area for recharging electric cars. There will be nine vehicle recharging points that can be used simultaneously.

Inside the plant, a specific area will be designated for the recovery of waste materials, separated into packaging, paper, wood and ferrous metal.

Focus on people and continuous training

The office area has been designed to offer maximum comfort to Clevertech staff. Each department will have large meeting rooms to encourage the exchange of ideas and stimulate ongoing discussion.

A key space will be the training area for in-house projects and activities with partners and customers.

As elsewhere, improvement measures will also be introduced in the production area to facilitate daily work activities.

Ten overhead cranes will be installed across the whole area to handle system assembly units and packaging. This is a revolutionary improvement for internal logistics and for the transfer of materials within the working areas, making handling safer and easier to manage.

A separate section will be designated for the raw materials and commercial materials warehouse, thereby increasing storage capacity and also facilitating production operations.

Lastly, all incoming goods will be transferred to a dedicated quality control area. In the industrial sector, quality determines the characteristics that enable the product to perform the task for which it is designed. The performance of every Clevertech project is thus closely linked to the characteristics of its individual components, which will undergo the strictest quality control procedures.