movimentazione coperchi di metallo

Ends handling system for the Australian market

At the start of 2021, Clevertech delivered a new ends handling system to a leading Australian company.

The client is the largest metal packaging producer in Australia, and the new system was requested to upgrade an existing plant.

The Australian ends market does not have a high turnover, and so producers must be able to offer a wide range of formats and types, without concentrating production on large quantities of a single format.

As such, a system was required that could manage ends handling with maximum flexibility in terms of formats.

Ends transport system to handle multiple ends sizes

Clevertechdesigned and produced the new ends transport system to handle ends of different shapes and sizes along the production line at the client’s facility.

The system can not only handle ends of varying diameters, without limits, but also allows a very fast changeover.

Even in the more complex transport sections, the type of transport can be changed from one to another, enabling different formats to be handled.

The ends transport system is equipped with a special lexan cover that maintains the integrity of the ends. Furthermore, a ventilation system prevents the build-up of dust on the ends, or of other agents found within the facility.

movimentazione coperchi metallo

Ends palletisation system

As well as being extremely flexible and adaptable, the transport system also allows the ends to be inspected, packaged and palletised.

The wrapper was also designed to manage ends of different diameters. Indeed, it has been fitted with all the equipment necessary for each format. In this way, there is no need for the operator to perform a manual changeover when moving from one diameter to another.

The same equipment has been installed on the Snake Palletiser, a fully automated palletiser that uses FANUC robot technology. The system is completed with an empty-pallet warehouse, a pallet unloading system, and an automatic pallet feeding system.

pallettizzatore per coperchi in metallo