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March 2020

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Aluminum is a resistant and light metal made of bauxite and completely recyclable. The aluminum can is 100% recyclable and is in fact the most recycled container in the world: in 2015 the recycling average in Europe was 73%, up

A new ends transport system able to handle ends of different shapes and sizes. Very rapid changeover, packaging and palletisation for a complete system.

The Group's new headquarters is conceived around Sustainability and renewable energy. Environmental sustainability, respect for the landscape and energy saving are main values that drive the path of the company.

Palletising solutions for empty PET bottles used in the Food industry featuring a compact layout, precision, and a fast format change system.

Clevertech deserved the bronze medal of Eco Vadis, thanks to the actions implemented in favor of sustainability. The score achieved by Clevertech indicates that the company has a structured and proactive approach to sustainability, engaging with concrete policies and actions.

Integrated end-of-line project developed for a leading European manufacturer of household detergents.

Louisa Liao is the new Business Development Manager at Clevertech Asia Pacific, the Chinese subsidiary headquartered in the brand new High-tech Industrial Development District in Changshu. Long-standing experience of the packaging world and international corporate culture.

A series of live digital events from 18 September to 11 December to understand the great change in the post Covid-19 world.

China is the country leader in the pulp and paper market in the Asia Pacific region. The pulp and paper industry is faced with mounting environmental, political, and economic pressures to reduce the volume and toxicity of its industrial wastewater.

The European wine market is in crisis due to the emergency of Covid-19. There is a risk that unsold wine will be distilled to make industrial alcohol.