Palletizing system for home care products

The project concerns the design and production of a fully integrated palletizing systemIl i for a company leader in the home care market. In particular, the project relates to a single unit dose palletizing system.

Clevertech has to achieve a specific system inside the plant where we had already installed 8 production lines with AC 520 Arrow palletizers, layer transferring at 90°. Customer required a new line for SUD products (single unit dose) in the home care sectors.

Palletizing system suitable for e-commerce

Focusing on the customer requirements, the new line must be faster than those already installed in the plant. The model lightening bolt has been designed and achieved in order to palletize the tabs inside a carton boxes but the system is suitable also for other types of secondary packaging. The main interest of creating a flexible system which is able to palletize different types of packing is due to increasing field of e-commerce. For this reason, it is necessary to have RDS (ready to display) carton boxes, shelf ready products and particular product patterns which are not part of classic wrap-around. The performance required was of 100/cpm and 10 layers/min.

Palletizing system with pallet change over at height

In order to reach the speeds required, Clevertech developed a solution with pallet change over at a height. The new system implemented works simultaneously with palletizing process by taking an empty pallet at a height below the discharge plane once the pallet changeover is required.

In this way the palletizing process is not interrupted because once the full pallet is completed and ready for the wrapping machine the empty one is ready on height to be palletized with products.

Clevertech’s system is a fully integrated engineering solution composed of:

  • double infeed area inside a preforming belt
  • two robotic manipulators 4 axes 110 kg payload (able to work on whole belt)
  • palletizing area with pallet changeover on a height
  • 1 pallet magazine with safety doors
  • 2 layer pads magazines
  • stretch wrapping machine with rotating ring with automatic double coil changeover
  • full pallet labelling


100 cpm/min

10 layer/min

Efficiency: 99%