Clevertech Asia Pacific in Chanshu

Clevertech Asia Pacific aims high

Clevertech Group is rapidly expanding on a global scale, as shown by the appointment of a new highly qualified professional who joined our staff in September. Louisa Liao is the new Business Development Manager at Clevertech Asia Pacific, the Chinese subsidiary headquartered in the brand new High-tech Industrial Development District in Changshu.

The subsidiary has a modern and highly structured production facility. It combines the highest quality standards developed by the company over more than thirty years of experience with the opportunity for a significant cost reduction compared to European production.

Louisa Liao brings with her 21 years of work experience in the industrial packaging sector. She began her career in 1999 in the filling and can making industry, then went on to develop her professional skills in the complete packaging sector. Before joining Clevertech Asia Pacific, Louisa Liao worked with packaging applications in several sectors, including Food and Beverage, Home Care, and Pet Food.

Louisa Liao became a member of the Clevertech Asia Pacific staff in September. Since then she has been working alongside the existing team, which includes project and sales managers and mechanical, software and electrical technicians.

Loisa Liao

Louisa Liao, Business  Development Manager, Clevertech Asia Pacific

What are the reasons that led you to choose Clevertech?

Louisa answers our question with great enthusiasm:

What attracted me to Clevertech is its international presence and the opportunity to build relationships with multinationals and leading customers in the business. Clevertech has a great deal of experience in this respect. The company has created a business model based on automated solutions designed for this particular target market, whose needs it understands very well.

I think, Louisa adds, that Clevertech is a company founded on trust and on the value of its people. At Clevertech Asia Pacific I’ve found a highly motivated team that will help me and the company grow more rapidly together.

e commerce market in Clevertech Asia pacific

What prospects do you foresee for the company’s future?

Louisa has clear goals in mind for the company and considers her female perspective to be an advantage in a world where most of the people involved are men.

My short-term goal is to sustain and build the customer networks in the traditional industry, such as the Food and Beverage, Home Care, Personal Care and Chemical sectors. In the longer term I would like to focus on developing new sectors, such as e-commerce, which the company was the first to approach on the international market. Clevertech has developed new dedicated systems for this sector, working with multinational companies who are world leaders in the e-commerce business.

Clevertech is an Italian company, established and based on family values. I believe that Umberto Reggiani, who represents the new generation of the company’s management, is a very open person and is ready to take on the challenges of the market and lead the company on a path of steady growth based on solid foundations.

Louisa Liao stresses the importance of the company’s Italian roots and of Italian know-how. The formula of Design and engineering in Italy, and production in China will bring many benefits to Clevertech Asia Pacific as well as many opportunities to satisfy customers with bespoke solutions.