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Digital turning point: Interactive Virtual Show

In a historical time in which communication has become more fluid and widespread, Clevertech wanted to launch a new digital project with the aim of making communication increasingly pervasive and accessible.

Communicating means creating a bond of mutual exchange with your interlocutors, partners and customers, leaving a door open to discussion, which is the main driver of innovation. For this reason, the platform developed by Clevertech allows users to ask questions and communicate digitally with the company staff.

Communicating also means sharing knowledge. During the Live Events, the Clevertech Sales Managers will share valuable information about packaging, which changes and adapts to a world undergoing transformation. They will talk about how consumption has changed worldwide in this time of crisis, how e-commerce has grown and how eating habits have been modified.

The Clevertech virtual world

The Clevertech world will be divided into virtual rooms that can be accessed starting from one hour before the live event. There will be six rooms hosting interactive and navigable content, assisted by Clevertech staff who will be available to answer questions and provide explanations. Each virtual room will open one hour before the event and close one hour after each event.

digital event

Each virtual room is dedicated to a specific market and will present the related projects, navigable in 3D, and information that users can download. Two rooms will be dedicated to the institutional contents. For example, one room dedicated to Service will be available, in which users can discuss privately or publicly with the International Manager of the service. There will also be a virtual reception where visitors can acquire information on the various virtual rooms.

interactive show dedicated to covid-19 change

Users will be able to take a virtual tour of the Italian headquarters through interactive materials that tell the company history. They will also be able to see the most recent and significant case studies regarding the most diverse market sectors and watch videos about the most innovative installations.

The Clevertech Project Managers will be online for an open discussion and to answer questions from users.

Registration for the events is already possible by going to the following link: Interactive Virtual Show

Live digital events: the full calendar

The calendar of live events touches on different sectors and topics of particular interest for helping us to understand the enormous changes the world is facing.

Each event will last 45 minutes, during which the Sales Managers and Speakers will interact virtually to present the various topics using current references to the market developments. This will be followed by an open Question and Answer session.

training digitale

The full calendar of Live Events:


18 September 2020

Umberto Reggiani – Sales Director, Clevertech S.p.A.

Best-selling products during the COVID-19 crisis


8 October 2020

Umberto Reggiani – Sales Director, Clevertech S.p.A.

Gael Seguin – Sales Manager, Clevertech France

Pet Food: innovative engineering design and increasing automation

29 October 2020

Luca Carollo – Business Development Manager, Clevertech S.p.A.

Amit Khadilkar – General Manager, Clevertech South Asia

Change in food consumption habits after COVID-19


20 January 2021

Giorgio Zanardi – General Manager, Clevertech North America

The impact of COVID-19 on the Wine & Spirits market


10 February 2021

Umberto Reggiani – Sales Director, Clevertech S.p.A.

Interpack preview


18 February 2021

Umberto Reggiani – Sales Director, Clevertech S.p.A.

Paolo Soliani – Sales and E-commerce Manager Clevertech SpA

Can Making & Aerosol industry thriving as a result of Covid-19 and plastic reduction