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Research and development, the heart of the company at the service of the market

This year is an important one for Clevertech: the company continues to grow in 2021, thanks in no small part to taking on new, high-profile professionals. One of the key departments for the company is Research and Development, which this year has a new manager, Matteo Modenese.

The R&D Manager is engaged in the development of new solutions from continuous monitoring of market requirements, thanks to the teamwork carried out with the sales and marketing network.

Research and development: a matter of teamwork

A new project starts out within the company by collecting the data provided by the customer, then analysing the products to be handled and the performance required of the system.

“During the initial brainstorming we analyse the potential solutions which could be used for the specific project,” Modenese tells us; “right from the beginning of the project, the R&D team collaborates with the Technical Sales and Hardware & Software Development departments. We thus try to break down a new solution into all those milestones which distinguish the holistic approach which sets apart all Clevertech products sold on the international market.”

All Clevertech’s projects and production follow the standards set by the company in terms of software, safety and design:

  • One unique Pack ML software design
  • One unique TPM design
  • One unique electrical design
  • One unique safety design

These are the guidelines which our team follows in its daily work to obtain an integrated solution from all points of view.

Technical and business expertise at the service of the company

“For over ten years in the position of technical director, I managed a large design team and gained extensive experience in the field of machines and complete lines, made up of depalletisers, fillers, labellers, case erectors and case sealers, case packers, palletisers and product conveyors,” Modenese continues.

His professional history is wide-ranging and extensive: from his training in the technical field to the managerial and business experiences which allowed him to thoroughly get to know the machines and sectors in which Clevertech carries out its business.

“The technical and managerial expertise I have gained over the last fifteen years has been significant, and I try to bring my experience to Clevertech on a daily basis. Right from my first meeting with the company management and owners, I felt there was a mutual understanding. The opportunity to develop a series of new products – for a company which has been growing at an enviable pace for some years, confirming itself as one of the main international players – gives me the energy to seize the challenge, and at the same time the opportunity to join a team with an exceptional reputation.”

Reliable solutions and professionalism

Modenese believes that Clevertech’s professionalism and reliability are the characteristics which set it apart on the international market, as well as the reliability of its products themselves and the flexibility to always seek out customised solutions.

“These plus points are then perfectly rounded out by the company’s after-sales offering, such as field technical, service, LCS & spare parts services, which the company provides from both its headquarters and its international branch offices.  All of this does not come about by chance, but is rather the result of continuous investment in both human resources and training, and in the work tools which allow the company to stay one step ahead of its competition.”

The Research and Development department, like the rest of the company, is required to think out of the box in order to come up with innovative solutions and therefore new opportunities for growth. The strength of the group – in Modenese’s opinion – lies with the technical staff, composed primarily of young, highly qualified technicians, led by an experienced management team.

“Bearing witness to this, we see constant sales growth not only in conventional markets, but also in new areas such as Pet Food, Cans, E-commerce, Home & Personal care. The solid partnerships we have developed with major multinationals confirm that the company is ready for the enormous challenges the international market has in store for us.”

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Technological solutions and lean manufacturing for growth

“Many of our customers are international industrial groups of companies, which insist on the highest standards. Trying to transfer my expertise to my colleagues is a must for me – more specifically, my team has an average age of around 30. This is an advantage, as the desire to learn and grow on a technical level means that we work together towards the goal of creating unique solutions which always meet the requirements of the international market. “

The R&D team has grown by two in the last two years, and the company is investing to further expand it. The department is currently dedicated to new projects, but it will shortly expand its horizons to the production of traditional machines such as palletisers and depalletisers

In order to increase the technical level and quality of its solutions, the company is finally implementing lean manufacturing and FEM structural analysis procedures. It is also making ever-greater use of the most innovative management and control technologies in the software installed on its integrated solutions.