系统的码垛自动换的行业 - 化学 - 家庭护理

Palletizing system for the Home Care & Chemical sector

The opportunity: 

to achieve a fully automatic palletizing system for a new line of Home Care & Chemical sector. In particular, the request was of a specific and suitable solution to work at high speed of production. The customer requested also the compactness in the space dedicated to the palletizing area. The production line has a capacity of 70 cpm which means 9 layer per minute.

Palletizing automatic system for a new line in the Home Care & Chemical sector

sistema di pallettizzazione completamente automatico

The solution developed by Clevertech:

The system achieved by Clevertech is a system with high performances and extremely efficient. This is a centralized palletizing system at high level infeed with mobile pallet able to handle the products coming from three filling lines. The three production lines are conveyed into one unique conveyor in order to guarantee the maximum speed of the layer forming. The solution is composed of:

  • a palletizing system Mod. AC 620 M2 HS 1 equipped with two robotic manipulators which handle the product with the positive orientation by +90° -90° and 180°,
  • a high capacity pallet magazine with the automatic slip sheet inserter and high capacity layer pad magazine in order to allow the automatic change without stopping the machine cycle. The integrated concept includes also:
  • a stretch wrapping machine with rotating ring Mod. PF80. This type of compact solution allows to design and achieve systems with high speed of production in the reduced space in the plant.

From the perspective of low maintenance design, Clevertech developed a new design with big advantages in terms of efficiency for a long time of the system.

The design was carried out using the modular approach to reduce the design and construction time of the plant. Clevertech has integrated the solution proposing a safety standard that complies with all EU regulations and protects the safety of operators on the line.

Performance data: 70 cpm, 9 layer/min​