complete end-of-line system for home care market

Complete end-of-line system for the Home care sector

The issue:

creating a complete end-of-line system, incorporating palletisation, shrink wrapping and labelling of the pallets. The system would be able to manage the production from two case packers producing the same product type.

The complexity of the task lay in balancing the product outflow from two case packers working in parallel, without having to combine the flow into a single conveyor supplying the palletiser.

Fully complete end-of-line system for a Company leader in the Home Care sector

The system developed by Clevertech:

we created a special and innovative software system, Dynamic Flow Balancer, which is able to connect the two case packers directly to the palletiser, without using any additional device.

The palletiser is thus responsible for balancing the product flow at all times. This solution allowed the creation of a much more compact and low-cost case conveyor line, with a drastic reduction in maintenance costs.

The model proposed is the Mod. ARROW AC 520 SM HS 2 palletiser, combined with the PF 80 wrapping machine and corresponding pallet labelling machine. In fact, this solution follows Clevertech’s completely integrated approach, the company’s strength.

Performance data: 84 cpm, 6 layers/min. 60 pallets/hour.  Efficiency: 98.5%.