baby care è un settore in crescita

Complete end-of-line solution for Baby Care market

The issue:

creating a complete, centralised end-of-line solution for a plant dedicated to Baby Care products. The requirement was to design a solution for six baby care lines in minimal space, each of which would be able to produce up to 30 different product types. At the same time, the system had to be able to use two different pallet types – EU and UK – and two types of layer pads. A further challenge was represented by the instability of the product to be processed, which might not only be boxes, but even simply bundles. As well as their instability, the products did not even have a fixed shape.

Complete end of line system for a multinational company leader in the Baby Care market

The system developed by Clevertech:

using three AC 420 HS DIAMOND palletisers in multipallet mode, each equipped with dual case conveyor lines designed to allow the accumulation of a full pallet without generating any pressure between the products. Using this system it was possible to achieve a complete palletising system for six lines in the minimal space available and incorporate a pallet conveyor line with two PF 80 wrapping machines and corresponding pallet labelling systems.

baby care palletizer

Performance data: 120 cpm. 120 pallets/hour. Efficiency: 98.5%.