Sistema di pallettizzazione automatico per lattine in alluminio

Automatic palletizing system for a can production line

The opportunity:

to create a completely automatic palletisation system for a new can production line. The requirement was for a system which could handle high speeds of up to 3000 cans per minute with a fixed format.

The greatest problems to be solved for the system were the speed required and the lack of stability of the product in question. Furthermore, the need to create complete 100% void-free layers of cans on each layer of the finished pallet. The customer also required the design of a pad feeding system which ensures the pick-up and placement of separated pads, as well as solving the problem of curled pads caused by the high humidity levels of the environment.

Completely automatic palletisation system for a new can production line able to handle high speeds

The system developed by Clevertech:

the model AP EC 50 MCF DBS 1 FAST TRANSFER palletising system for empty cans. This is a high-speed layer palletiser with high-level mass product infeed, equipped with an innovative CTH MCF (Mass Channel Formation) system, composed of a row channelling system with mirror-polished sliding surfaces and steel guides, fitted with an air-jet conveyor to allow fine-grained control of the product flow and minimise contact between cans. This prevents any rubbing which could cause damage to the outer coating of the can, as well as drastically reducing the likelihood of missing cans during layer formation (void reduction system).

The system is also fitted with an array of can detection sensors at the outfeed of each channel.

After formation of the layer, this is transferred using sweep-off technology, in other words a dual-transfer bar system controlled by servomotors and actuators which ensures a soft transfer of the layer of cans to the pallet lifter, while at the same time reducing the pressure between the cans.

The layer of can is transferred using sweep-off technology

Finally, in order to prevent entry of dust in the cans, the layer formation system has actually been fitted with a transparent cover across its whole length. The Clevertech palletising head is equipped with two systems featuring holding guides on four sides and a platform which opens in two to ensure perfect squaring, both before and after the layer is deposited on the pallet, guaranteeing pallet stability.

The system also incorporates a high-tech pad removal system, which makes use of pad presence check sensors and air-jet pad detachment.

Two-level pad and conveyor system

Finally, the two-level pad and conveyor system allows a full pallet of pads to be loaded and the empty pallet evacuated without interrupting the machine’s operating cycle. The system features five empty-pallet positions, three positions for pallets of pads and four positions for frames, guaranteeing a completely independent supply of consumables and thus minimising forklift operations.

Performance data: maximum speed 3,000 cans per minute (Æ202 in.), equivalent to 5 layers per minute. Efficiency: 99%+.