technology at the service of humans


Clevertech contributes to the project Il Giardino del Baobab, a non profit organization based in Reggio Emilia, that promotes the The Alphabetic Facilitated Communication technique, allowing children with different disabilities to express themselves trough technology, in particular trough writing with the help of computers.

Technology is a way to communicate and we believe in both techology and communications.

The group of young boys and girls of Il Giardino del Baobab can express themselves an be creative thanks to the use of computers, that becomes an essential instrument for the human development.

Il Giardino del Boaobab develops meetings and joint ventures with public and private organisations and Associations to promote the culture of individual uniqueness and diversity as a recourse.

We believe that humanity is the energy beyond every technological development, with the aim to always be at the service of humankind.

This is why we have chosen to support the project of Il Giardino del Baobab that has created our 2019 Merry Christmas message.