Werner&Mertz: a Multibrand palletizer success story

The interview with Patrick Koch, Werner&Mertz Technical Manager, German based company with 150 years of experience, leader in the ecological cleaning products sector. Patrick Koch talks through the reasons for a partnership that lasts over time with customer satisfaction. Two systems installed, with competence and reliability, respecting the performance required by the customer.

Werner&Mertz: sustainability as a foundation

  • Your products and your brand is becoming available also in Italy accompanied to the very well know eco-friendly approach. What are the characteristics of Werner&Mertz as Company to have such success?

We have always considered sustainability our foundation and strive to make a sustainable lifestyle feasible for the majority. Since the launch of the Frosch brand, we have repeatedly shown what integral sustainability means. That is, we approach packaging and ingredients as a pioneer and single-mindedly implement our environmental goals. Among the measures taken are the increased use of European vegetable oils in Frosch brand formulas, the recycling of used plastic from post-consumer waste collections for product packaging and the company’s voluntary environmental audits based on EU requirements.

This engagement earns consumers’ respect and engenders great and lasting trust.

Installations of Clevertech Multibrand system

  • We know you installed already #2 Clevertech multibrand system. The first installation was executed in 2020 at Werner&Mertz Mainz Germany, with a project delivered in record time during pandemic. The second Multibrand was installed at the end of 2021-beginning of 2022. What are the reason that are convincing you particularly of the Multibrand technology? Were these systems known to you or the original idea of project execution was different from this approach?

The original project idea included separate palletisers for each filling line. In the end, the Multibrand concept was convincing due to the flexibility provided by pre-grouping using robot technology in combination with a conventional layer reception and unloading plane, as we saw reliable and process-safe handling of our products as guaranteed here. Another important point was the optimised space requirement by combining two lines on one system, as this was the best way for us to take into account the given space restrictions and the integration of the second system was already planned for the area during the first project. These were both criteria that were important and decisive for us due to the products to be handled and the given general conditions at the installation site.

Why Werner&Mertz have choosen Clevertech

  • How was the pre sales activity in terms of consultancy, timely answer, and suggestion you received, and why you have choose Clevertech as Supplier?

The communication and advice during the quotation phase was always timely to our enquiries. The submitted offers were discussed in detail in joint meetings and queries were answered competently. On this basis, comments and requests for changes on our part were also incorporated into the concept and taken into account in updated offers. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of individual options were clearly visible and could thus be included in our internal evaluation. In the end, we opted for Clevertech’s system because they offered us the overall concept that was best tailored to our task.

The cooperation and communication with all parties involved at Clevertech is professional and transparent at all times.

  • We are of the opinion that system supplier must deliver top performances with their machines and as well added value through services. Clevertech in relation to these aspects what is delivering to Werner&Mertz beyond the machines? How is it evaluated the aspects of communication, management that you receive among the system you ordered?

The cooperation and communication with all parties involved at Clevertech is professional and transparent at all times. Requests are answered competently and solution-oriented, and agreed deadlines are reliably met. Thanks to the professional project management, challenges that arose during the pandemic were successfully overcome. Any problems that occurred were communicated at an early stage and appropriate solutions were proposed. Thanks to this transparent approach, possible effects on the project schedule were known in advance and countermeasures could be successfully taken together. The support provided by the service department during the installation and commissioning of the systems, as well as afterwards, also confirmed this impression.

 Clevertech as potential supplier for installation

  • Are you satisfied after these projects with Clevertech? Would you suggest Clevertech as potential supplier for other installation?

We are very satisfied with both projects we have completed with Clevertech so far. Both the performance of the systems and the cooperation with the people involved have shown us that Clevertech is a reliable partner. For these reasons, we are considering Clevertech as a possible supplier for future projects.