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Clevertech India was founded in 2018 with the goal of developing the fast-growing Indian market. Since its foundation, Clevertech India has recorded exponential year-on-year growth, which has led the company to plan construction of its fourth global production site in

The considerable expansion of the steel or aluminium packaging market and the numerous benefits of these materials are leading more and more food and pet food manufacturers to install their own internal aluminium and steel can production lines.

Italy’s leading automation gave rise to a project that involved Clevertech’s China office and all the personal and home care manufacturing facilities operated by the MNC in that country.

Format changes are an ever-more common procedure for industry, and the increase in tailored requests from customers requires the highest level of flexibility from production systems. Adopting an efficient and intelligent automatic format change can optimise the entire end-of-line automation process.

Automatic palletisation for mixed-goods pallets is seeing great success and continuous growth in a huge number of sectors, which are more than ever required to optimise processes and offer flexible services in order to remain competitive in the market.

We expand on the role of automatic palletisers and robotic palletisation systems in highly complex and changing environments such as the packaging industry.

From primary to tertiary packaging, today all packaging must be marked or labelled in order to ensure product security and traceability along the entire supply chain. But let's take a look at what pallet labels contain and why they are

Over 90% of purchases made online are shipped in corrugated cardboard packaging and the packaging itself and the world of case palletisers have taken on a key role in the relational contest of customer services.

A case packer is a machine designed to feed products like bottles, jars, boxes and others into American-type cartons and it can also pack items in trays or RSC cardboard boxes.

When we say end-of-line automation we are referring to the automated technology that operates in the final part of a consumer goods production line. This is the technology that basically organises, packs and prepares the products for delivery to resellers,