Our Guide to Depalletisation Systems

Why Do You Need an Automatic Depalletiser?

Depalletising uses a series of automatic machines to unload packages or single items from a pallet and transfer them wherever needed, without any kind of manual labour involved. This means that an automatic depalletiser provide benefits to both company and its workers: on one hand, it ensures ultra-high performance and, on the other, it eliminates physical exertion from heavy load lifting, thus reducing health and safety risks. This produces a tangible result in the form of time saving, effort and money. Additionally, these automatic systems are designed to move and position a wide variety of product shapes and dimensions with ultra-high precision – for example bottle depalletisers and empty tin depalletisers – and even products with irregular shapes. Modular and versatile, these solutions are suited to diverse industrial sectors: food & beverage, pet food, beauty and home care, children’s products, tin and glassware manufacturing, and many others. 

Palletising and Depalletising

More and more companies are choosing to combine automated palletising and depalletising systems, integrating them into a single production cycle. Resorting to an automatic continuous process chain ensures the success of the entire line but different machines have to be adopted. The automatic depalletiser is different than the palletiser in the sense that it doesn’t handle packaging but single items. This means that items cab be bags, bottles ,glass containers, or they can be smaller, more fragile and at times irregular in shape hence require a specific machine that can ensure product stability and process speed. The machine sensors detect the loads to handle and automatically depalletise one or several complete layers – but also single cases – in the needed amounts, preventing product losses due to excessive depalletising. 

IIn addition, the automatic depalletiser plays a central role in the supplier-customer relationship. That’s because it can preserve pallets, pads and frames and also place them back in a perfectly organised manner for redelivery.

From bottle depalletisers to empty tin depalletisers: here are all the advantages of an automated system

  • Guaranteed and consistent high performance, regardless of product size, working hours and environmental conditions; 
  • Optimised logistic processes thanks to an automated process chain;
  • Increased productivity, using staff for other added-value activities;
  • Common errors from manual handling eliminated;
  • Lower operating and labour costs;
  • Safe working environment, with fewer accidents from strenuous unloading activities;
  • Space optimisation, thanks to the efficient use of vertical and horizontal space.

As an added benefit, an automatic depalletiser gives the possibility of having a system that is just right for your particular industrial needs, with custom machines adapted to suit your specific product and requirements. Depalletising machines provide great configuration and application flexibility and this allows for perfect integration into any type of industrial plant.