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A case packer is a machine designed to feed products like bottles, jars, boxes and others into American-type cartons and it can also pack items in trays or RSC cardboard boxes.

When we say end-of-line automation we are referring to the automated technology that operates in the final part of a consumer goods production line. This is the technology that basically organises, packs and prepares the products for delivery to resellers,

The beverage market globally accounts for 66.8% of the metal food and beverage can market.  These numbers are expected to grow, with experts forecasting that the segment will reach 24.6 billion dollars by 2025.

An automatic pallet wrapper envelops pallets in a film efficiently and securely, protecting palletised items from dust and impacts. No manual wrapping can ensure the level of performance and final quality that automatic wrappers provide.

Depalletising uses a series of automatic machines to unload packages or single items from a pallet and transfer them wherever needed, without any kind of manual labour involved.

Eco-friendly and functional, cans were the packaging superstars in the past and today, they are increasingly stepping back into this role.

In each and every sector of industry the use of automatic machineries has been a winning move as a response to increasing need to optimise production lines. But what is the cost of a palletising machine?

The major health and economic crisis that brought the entire planet to its knees forced industries around the world to reinvent themselves and to revolutionize their production chain, and this is where robotic

Clevertech has designed a palletizing system based on Multibrand technology for a leading US food retail company.