Clevertech Group will be presenting a new loader/unloader solution, developped for food multinational companies at Cibus Tec.

This robotic loader/unloader system is designed specifically for transferring products in cans and flexible packaging such as pouches.

The loader/unloader system has been designed and engineered to meet the quality standards required by the biggest multinationals. It has already been installed in Europe and the US, meeting with great satisfaction from customers. New systems will be completed for European and Asian customers in the coming months.

The solution features a basket conveyor system consisting of two shuttles responsible for sorting and distributing the full and empty baskets between the various Clevertech working areas and the customer’s autoclaves.

The shuttles also manage movement of the interlayers between the loader area and unloader area

The system has a very high level of flexibility in terms of the possible applications offered by robotic solutions. Moreover, testing carried out by customers in less than half the normal time are generating previously unseen levels of ROI.

Basket loader unloader