cheesetech the new brand dedicated to dairy industry

Cheesetech: the new brand dedicated to dairy industry

Cibustec will be the ideal stage for the Clevertech Group to to announce its new brand Cheesetech – through its subsidiary ACS – dedicated to the production of machines for the dairy and cheese sector.

ACS, Clevertech sister company, has acquired the production of the machines dedicated to dairy industry since 2007 and it’s in charge for the production of the Cheesetech range.

The machines are dedicated to hard cheese processing and handling, with a broad portfolio of solutions designed to facilitate the work of operators in ripening warehouses.


Cheesetech meets the needs of those who wish to follow dairy traditions while applying the most up-to-date quality standards and innovative technologies. Indeed ACS works in order to offer flexible, foolproof solutions for turning, cleaning, loading and unloading wheels of cheese.


Cheesetech range: high tecnology content

The main Cheesetech product ranges are cheese scraping machines, turning machines, loading/unloading machines for placing the wheels of cheese on racking in the ripening warehouses, and work surfaces for inspecting the cheeses during maturation.

Cibustec will see Cheesetech present a brand new cheese handling solution, unique to the dairy market.

Structured support service for dairy industry

The company offers a structured support service which provides both remote and on-site assistance. Finally the scheduled maintenance program ensures that maintenance is as effective and economical as possible. Thanks to targeted work performed at the right time, it provides the best results with the least impact.